As we have seen a massive PUBG Mobile craze all over the world, PUBG Mobile organizes official tournaments with big prize-pools.  Most of the youngsters are building skills in the game. Although only top players appear at the International level. The majority of players play it for fun as it is an online multiplayer, it allows conversation between players.

Roles of Player

As it is a multiplayer game the whole team has to perform their roles to get a victory. A team should have a Leader, Assaulter, Supporter, and a Sniper. A leader is known as IGL (In-game Leader). There should have a proper understanding between the teammates. If there is no understanding the team will not perform. Players should avoid the blind rush. They should spot enemies before rushing.

Always be in cover

It is a very important thing to be always in cover. If you take a fight in open and you are knocked, you will be killed immediately. If you take cover, even though you are knocked, nobody could kill you until the player uses grenades or mocktails to take kills.


To conquer PUBG Mobile, players are using claw settings, which means they use multiple fingers to play games. Claw setting could be 3, 4, 5, and could have even been 6 fingers. Although this game is all about reaction time and spotting players. Players like Jonathan, Viper, Sevou, No one are phenomenal 2 finger players which inspire the community that nothing is impossible. Another control is Gyroscope; it is one of the best ways to control recoil. It is very helpful in spraying in long-range.

Smokes and Grenades

It is recommended to properly utilize the utilities in the game. It is very beneficial as you could give damage or knock players without taking self-damage without exposing yourself. A properly cooked grenade is the deadliest as the player has no time to escape. A professional player always cooks a grenade before throwing. If the grenade is not cooked the enemy will escape through it which is very disappointing.


It is a very important aspect; maps like Erangle and Miramar are very big. The player needs a vehicle to get to the safe zone. Taking multiple vehicles in competitive is very important, suppose a team sprays on you. You could escape having multiple vehicles. If the zone is open vehicles can be used as cover. Various types of vehicles are buggy (2), UAZ (4), Side motorcycle (3), Motorcycle (2), and Dacia (4). Boats are also available but they bust very quickly.


It is much recommended to use a red dot rather than a holographic or 2x in close range. M416 plus 6x (adjust to 3x) is a beast while spraying vehicles and in the long-range.

Respect other players

Respect every player

In competitive scenarios, players always respect each other. Learn from different players. Don’t be aggressive if you are killed as every player has different skills. Watch and learn from them and grow yourself.

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