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Aditya Sawant popularly known as Dynamo is one of the largest influencers of PUBGM in India. Although he was an emulator player, later on as competitive scenarios became popular in India he started playing on mobile. His channel ‘Dynamo Gaming’ on YouTube has a subscriber of 8.25M. His slang ‘Patt se headshot’ is very popular. He is the founder of the HYDRA clan. His clan plays competitive tournaments. He has involved in many various controversies due to emulator players. He released a video regarding his life on youtube.


Naman Mathur popularly known as Mortal is the reason for PUBG Mobile competitive being very popular in India. He is a massive YouTuber with 5.75 M subscribers. His channel is ‘MortaL’. He is the founder of the Team SOUL. He became very popular by winning PMIS 2019 and PMCO Fall Split: India. In collaboration with 8BIT, Team SOUL set up their boot camp. They play competitive and stream on YouTube from Boot camp. One of the epic video he uploaded. This video exploded like a nuclear bomb and gave a boost to his channel.

Mortal’s famous video


Tanmay Singh popularly known as ScOutOP is a big name in the PUBGM esports community. His channel name is ‘ScOut’ 2.47M subscribers. He is the team owner of ‘Xsparks’ but plays for team Fnatic. In collaboration with Orange Rocks, he played PMWL–2020 from OR. He performed very well and OR was the runner-ups. He is always in light due to many controversies. He is an excellent player. He is very aggressive due to which he left many teams before like TeamIND, GodLike, etc.

Scout Journey to Esports


Ajey Nagar popularly known as CarryMinati is the biggest YouTuber of India with 24.5M subscribers. He has another YouTube account named Carryislive with 7.16M subscribers. He is an emulator player. He is famous for his commentaries, roasts, and reaction during the gameplay. His roast video ‘YouTube vs Tiktok’ made him very popular and became most like a non music video on YouTube India. Although his video was removed from YouTube due to cyberbullying and abusive language.

Carry reply to ‘YouTube vs Tiktok’ via song

Jonathan Gaming

Jonathan Jude Amaral plays for TSMentity. His channel Jonathan Gaming has 1.27M subscribers. He is the best thumb player in the world. He is very famous for his close combat skills. They won two major titles PMCO Fall Split: South Asia and PMIS 2020. He is the top fragger of PMIT. He won MVP titles of Week 2 and 3 in PMWL.

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