How to get Overachiever title in PUBG MOBILE?

At this point where PUBG mobile has gained the most popular across the world, there are many players who want to achieve some great titles such as overachiever, collector & many more. So here is a guide for the Overachiever title.

To take the title of Overachiever, soldiers will have to complete 2800 achievement points at PUBG Mobile.

Player has to accomplish assigned missions to take these points. It is one of the easiest title that

one can achieve. You don’t even have to buy Royal Pass for it. Some title such as Collector take

too much time to complete. It is nothing but a show-off.

Beside this completing achievements provides attractive rewards. To check your achievement

points, click on the mission tab, then you can check your achievement points. You can also check

your achievement progress divided as Glorious Moments, Honor, Progress, Items, etc.

PUBG Missions that can be easily completed :-

1. Critic

2. Graffiti Artist

3. Shopaholic

4. Soldier Supplies

5. Lots of Friends

6. Enlisted

7. Social Butterfly

8. Fun Times

9. Classic Lover

10. Desert Tourist

PUBG Mobile overachiever title
PUBG Mobile Overachiever title

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