Nearly 47 Chinese applications were banned in India by gov. of India on Monday. That move was a follow-up of the previous boycott under which 59 Chinese applications were prohibited for ensuring “Privacy Policies” under the arrangements of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. Some apps which were banned on Monday were lite versions of the previously banned apps.

With the administration investigating more than 275 Chinese applications for an expected boycott, after a prohibition on more than 100 applications has just been arranged, gossipy going is that PUBG Mobile could, at last, be restricted in India.



Brendan Greene designed players unknown’s battleground & developed by Pubg corporation. It became a huge hit when it debuted in March 2017. Bluehole Inc, who created the game has a net worth of 4.5 billion dollars & has sold more than 13 million copies in 2017.

Is Pubg mobile a Chinese game?

Different rumors started spreading in India when some medias reported the ban of Pubg Mobile. The players of Pubg are filled with various questions such as Pubg Mobile is a Chinese game or not, will it be banned in India as other nations, and much more. It is very difficult to answer this based on very few details that are available over there.

However, PUBG Mobile was made in a coordinated effort between PUBG Corporation and Shenzhen-headquartered Tencent Games. It, therefore, has some connection with China. The legislature is thinking about a restriction on the royal group game over information security concerns. A couple of different applications have been on the radar recently owing to assumed data bestowing practices to the Chinese government.

The game has likewise been prohibited in certain nations for purportedly being harmful and addictive to youthful players of Pubg Mobile.

What is Privacy policy Notice by PUBG for Indian users?


Recently Pubg mobile has released a small update after a popup appears asking whether you are a user from India or not. It identifies that Pubg has revised its policy for Indian users. Pubg mobile has taken action very quickly based on the scanning process that was going on in India.

After this update, various changes have been made on its privacy policy. Like now it only grants permission for storage and microphone previously it also grants permission for location, contact details, and much more. It gives a clear indication that Pubg mobile is less likely to be banned in India as it is not violating any privacy of its Indian users.

What do you think about the Pubg Mobile ban in India comment below?

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