In this article, I am going to show you some amazing and cool rewards from PUBG MOBILE’s upcoming season 15 ROYAL PASS.

Also, we will cover every leaks and rumor that are popping up in notifications relating to Pubg Mobile Season 15.


PUBG mobile season 15 logoSeason 15 Logo is quite similar to that of season 14.

Some of season 15 rewards images are shown below:

1.Samurai Ops Outfit:

Samurai ops outfit

Samurai Ops outfit can become most popular after the AVIAN TYRANT outfit. It may be available at 100 RP for every Royal Pass holders. Some leaked snaps of the Samurai Ops outfit are attached above.

2. Samurai Ops-AKM:

samurai ops akm

When it comes to close-range combat AKM is considered as a beast Assault Refile among others. It can be found anywhere in the classic maps. Every Pubg player wishes to own the best in-game gun skins. Hence it could best gun skin that will be available for every Royal Pass owner. Just have the look of the Samurai ops AKM skin.

3. Moon Dacia:

Earlier Pubg Mobile was used to offer many vehicle skins to all Royal Pass holders. But now it’s not like that every player holding Royal Pass doesn’t get every stunning or legendary item. Every player has to open some creates to get such items.

In season 15 players holding Royal Pass may get the all-new Moon Dacia skin. Personally, I didn’t like this vehicle’s skin however it’s my opinion. You might like it or may not it all depends upon personal choice.

season 15 dacia skin


4. S12-K Skin:

It is another gun skin that we might see in Pubg Mobile Season 15. However not every player loves shotguns. Pubg mobile usually offers one shotgun skin in every season.

S12K skin


5. Thompson:

Various rumors of Thompson skin for season 15 is also in peak.You can have a rough idea through the picture below.

thompson skin


Details of Season 15 Royal Pass:



There are generally two types of Royal Pass that are currently available to purchase i.e. ELITE ROYAL PASS & ELITE PLUS ROYAL PASS. Based upon previous data the ELITE ROYAL PASS will come with 600 UC price tag and ELITE PLUS ROYAL PASS will come with 1800 UC price tag.

  • ELITE ROYAL PASS price in INR will be around 800
  • ELITE PLUS ROYAL PASS price in INR will be around 2350

Release Date:

Season 15 will make its debut in PUBG MOBILE soon after season 14 ends. By previous season calculations, it generally takes 2 days for the arrival of the new season after the end of the previous season. Most probably new will be releasing on 15 Sep 2020.

All the above-mentioned information is based upon all the leaks and rumors that are going on around the world. We will notify you when Pubg mobile will officially confirm all the rewards.

I hope this article provides every detail related to PUBG Season 15 Royal Pass. If want to know any other information relating to PUBG Mobile Season 15 please let us know in the comments sections.

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