If CYBERCRIME Is So Terrible, Why everyone should be aware of it?

cyber crime

Introducing Cyber Crime:

CyberCrime is a Crimes which is done by attackers, cybercriminals, or hackers illegally by misusing of technology like computer or internet. Most people don’t even think about their Identity is getting stolen, when they purchase any online product, online transactions while checking their E-mails and using social media sites, etc. While doing these activities their identities or information are getting stolen by attackers.

There are two types of cyber-crime were reported: –

Two types of complaints were registered when we talk about cybercrime. So, the Victims are also young ones.

• Banking frauds or Online frauds.

• Internet based life.

For example:

The one who got a call from somebody who is an attacker and he wanted his bank details. Then someone else would state like your A/c will be blocked, on the off chance that you don’t confirm your Aadhar card. Furthermore, when the main individual checked his card details after that he got a message Rs. 5,00,000/ – credited and 259/ – Rs. balance. This is called what cyber-crime is.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber-attacks are becoming the most dangerous activity. Cybercrime receives a lot of coverage in the media, press or newspaper which means we read a lot of news about cyber-crime is happening in the world. We heard a lot about cyber-crime every day.

But do you know, what does Cyber crime actually means?

The definition of cyber-crime is any illegal activity such as committing fraud, stealing identities, stealing personal data and information, etc which is done by using technology like computers or the internet by attackers and criminals.

The danger of digital crime is becoming massive day by day than ever before. Someone’s personal details are taken in each sec because of digital crime. We all should be aware of recent threats that are coming online.

Cybercrime can take on many different forms like Theft of personal data, Finance fraud, cyberbullying, and many more to convey a social and political message.

Why it is important to understand Cyber Crime?

cybercrime is

We use innovation consistently in our day to day life for each and everything and it is very less likely secured once. We have to get that, the typical crime isn’t unique in relation to a digital crime or say cybercrime. It can be a more dangerous crime than a physical one. Because the main difference between physical crime and cybercrime is that, in cyber-crime, 95% of people who were attacked by criminals, are the people who don’t even know about it.

For example: If your Mercedes-Benz was to be taken you can see that your vehicle isn’t there any longer and that is the thing that you took note.

Nonetheless, if you have been hacked infers if your PC has been hacked and the hackers are taking your data, information. Then there is a likelihood that you wouldn’t know and understand that your PC framework gets hacked by programmers.

That’s why it is important to understand cyber-crime because as we all know very well that hacking isn’t just that simple, it’s becoming a growing business, which is affects our personal life.

The Human Impact of Cyber Crime:

Being a Victim of Cyber Crime has many consequences like these:-

• Reputational damage: – criminals can damage your reputation.

• Personal embarrassment: – you might feel embarrassment In-front of your family, friends and relatives.

• Financial and productivity loss.

How to protect yourself against Cybercrime?

• Don’t use free Antivirus software:

Don’t ever use free Antivirus software because if you get something which is free of cost. Do you expect that it will be ensuring you properly?

Researchers highly recommend Webroot software because Webroot checks everything at every single level both on personal computers, Macs, and especially it checks on phones.

• Don’t save login passwords:

Every time when you go to a new website in a web browser and you log on for the first time and it pops up a message on your screen, i.e Do you want to save the login password? Say no, always say to no.

Because if you save your login password on a local machine and for some reason, that machine is compromised and get damages. And that machine will be going to repair, then they will be able to look into that data, files, and information and able to look at every single password also that you saved previously on that machine.

The better method of doing it is to utilize a safe secret word director where one is RoboForm. You can utilize it since it utilizes military-style encryption and RoboForm will keep every one of your passwords sheltered and more secure.

• Check Email source:

Always remember before open any email make sure to check email source is legal or illegal. To check an email source just right-click or just go over the email address.

Because you will find sometimes that an email address showing then is different from the one that you are reading an email.

• Update:

Always updates your software with the latest security updates. Updates include various things such as the new versions of programs, new engine versions, new definitions, newer programs database, etc.

• Educate your staff:

Educate your staff and tell them that under any circumstances never ever to click on any link that they don’t expect or an email that comes from somewhere that they don’t know.

Because the moment you click on the link at that moment you are opening yourself up to an infected link that will go onto your personal computer and then it will spread the entire networks.


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