PMWL EAST-League Play 2020


There are total 20 teams. All the team are categorized in groups A,B,C,D,E.

PMWL Match Format:

Weekdays : Total 10 Matches (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Each team will play 8 games, this weekday’s matches will decide the teams to be played Super Weekend. The top 16 will play Super Weekends.

Super Weekends : Total 15 Matches (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Each team plays 15 games. Points of Super Weekend will be counted for upcoming Weekends and Weekdays points will be reset.


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup D
Bigetron RAOrange rockYoodo GankRRQ AthenaTeamIND
BOX GamingMorph TeamU Level UpREJECT ScarletSynerGE
NoChance TeamValdus EsportsGrx CeltzTeam SecretT1
Free StyleMegaStarsNova GodlikeTSM-EntityKing of Gamers
Based on Opening Weekend Placements

Match Sequence:-

Match 1 : ABCD

Match 2 : ABCE

Match 3 : ABDE

Match 4 : ACDE

Match 5 : BCDE

Weak 2 day 1

Match 1 (Erangle)

Complete domination by the players of FreeStyle (Pakistan), a much-needed win for them. As they were not playing the super weekend games. It will be very interesting to see their strategies in further games. (8 kills Chicken Dinner)

Match 2 (Sanhok)

Valdus The Murder, this team has been underrated to date in PMWL, but a very satisfactory win for them. The most crucial thing was they had the men advantage in the final circle and had enough cover.  The last man standing of ULVLUP could have given a decent competition if he had not revealed his position.  (10 kills Chicken Dinner)   

Match 3 (Erangle)

Ever heard about “The Invisible Man”? A must watch the match for all the pub players. BEAR11 (RRQ Athena) he did a wonderful 1v3 to Valdus the Murders in the second last zone. Well, he was the last man standing for RRQ Athena. And players of T1 had the man advantage and were in a better position. BEAR11 took his team to 2nd position. T1 won the match. (7 kills Chicken Dinner)

Match 4 (Sanhok)

Although TSM-entity was in a very dominating position but got 5th position. ULVLUP took the match in 1 XP for the last man standing. ULVLUP is at a very good position in the points table as compared to last week. They didn’t play the super weekend matches. They were in bottom 4. (6 kills Chicken Dinner)

Match 5 (Erangle)

Team Secret won the last match very prominently. All the TS players were alive. They took very good advantage of ridges. Easy win for them by 3rd parting the fight between MEGASTARS and OR. (15 kills Chicken Dinner)

Weak 2 day 2

Match 6 (Sanhok)

After a disappointing last week by NovaGL, they made a brilliant comeback. They could have made a victory but Team Secret brilliantly took the Chicken Dinner. At a point, it seems that NovaGL had an advantage but this a World League, one can’t do silly mistakes. (10 kills Chicken Dinner)

Match 7 (Erangle)

What a phenomenal match it was, once again SEG proved they are one of the favorites out there. It was 3v4v1, SEGvBOXv MORPH. BOX had an advantage of high ground, SEGted was finished by BOXloki. The last man of the morph was killed by the zone. SEG made a brilliant 2v4 and won the match. (6 kills Chicken Dinner)

Match 8 (Sanhok)

RRQ Athena vs BTR is one of the most dominating teams in PMWL. RRQ had an advantage of the circle but BTR is the World Champions they know how to dominate 4v4 clutches and they dominated in style. The last player of the NoChance was heal battling. He was spotted by BTRLuxxy. (9 kills Chicken Dinner)

Match 9 (Erangle)

KOG need wins to qualify for the super weekends, and BOX Gaming did a fantastic job to secure the 2nd position and took the 14 points for that. (6 kills Chicken Dinner)

Match 10 (Sanhok)

Complete domination by PMPL – Spring Split winners (Celtz). YoodoJumper backstabbed celtz and could have finished. Tried the same which BEAR11 did the last day. But CeltzsAtanki spotted him and finished. It was then ULVLUP vs Celtz and a player of KOG was heal battling. KOG was waiting for both of them to fight to grab the 2nd position. Celtz crushed ULVLUP and won the match by finishing KOGbosSZA.(9 Kills Chicken Dinner)

PUBG Mobile world league 2020
PUBG Mobile world league 2020

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