Top 5 Coronavirus Gadgets Across World

Coronavirus gadgets

As we all know coronavirus is spreading intensely in India as well as around the World. Also, every country are doing there best to fight such a disastrous virus. At such a crucial time, various gadgets have been discovered to fight against such a deadly virus more effectively.

1. Borosil Suraksha UV Disinfect Unit:

It brings the security that you need, directly into your home. Because washing your hands and wearing a cover sufficiently isn’t if your portable or your wallet is abounding with germs. Despite your best efforts, it takes only one tainted item to bring disease into your home. That is why this device is more suitable to keep germs and infections out of your reach. This device can be used for disinfecting all daily usable things including the following:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Mobile devices, Laptops & remotes
  • Keys, sunglasses, watches
  • Toys, water bottles, and much more.
Borosil suraksha disinfect unit

Borosil Suraksha UV Disinfect Unit

2. Water Bottle with UV Coat:

water bottle with UV coat
Oneself cleaning water bottle is an extraordinary method to guarantee your drinking water is sheltered to taste during a pandemic. This jug utilizes an inside UV-C light to filter the substance of the water bottle. This bottle is made with a decent quality pure steel. which makes it rust free and warmth safe. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is suitable for your gym bag, car, bicycle, etc.

3. Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner:

Xiaomi was once known for offering extraordinary cell phones at a lower value point. Presently, the organization has a tremendous portfolio loaded up with cell phones, android televisions, and much more Adding to the portfolio, the organization has invented the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Intended for Indian homes, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has both clearing and wiping capacities.

During the continuous COVID-19 pandemic, we as a whole need our homes to be spotless and clean enough. This vacuum cleaner guarantees that on only a tick of a catch. It can likewise speak with your cell phone utilizing the Mi Home application. Its pricing starts with 21,999

Mi robot vacuum

4. UVC Tube Steriliser for Smartphones/Watches/Masks & Personal Items:

We have frequently heard that our cell phones are multiple times dirtier than a Bathroom seat. Accordingly, disposing of the germs from these gadgets are critical. This multi-practical UV sterilizer and remote charger profess to execute 99.9% of the germs living on the outside of your cell phone, watch, headphones and other gadgets. In certainty, it sanitizes the telephone as well as fills in as a charger for gadgets.

UVC tube steriliser

5. Immutouch :

In the age of coronavirus, we all have to resist the urge to touch our faces. It’s how the virus can travel from doorknobs or other objects to your mucus membranes and get you sick. Luckily, a start-up called Slightly Robot had developed a wristband to stop another type of harmful touching

Slightly Robot redesigned their wearable as the Immutouch, a wristband that vibrates if you touch your face. Its accelerometer senses your hand movement 10 times per second.

However, it is currently not available in India but it will be very helpful in fighting against coronavirus.


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