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Internet or Internet things

If you are looking for some more amazing information about the Internet. So here are the interesting facts explaining the Internet.

All of us using the Internet in our daily life for every small thing like Net-banking, purchase and sell grocery items, reading online storybooks and novels, video calling, sharing small to big data and information, via email, hot mail, WhatsApp, and so on.

By using the Internet, we make new friends, we create an online profile on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many more, we upload photos and videos.

But, but most of us not aware of the word Internet!!!! What is the Internet?  and didn’t even know about the Internet meaning!!!! What does the Internet mean?

So, here you will come to know about the Internet, Amazing facts about the Internet, unknowingly interesting things you can do with the help of the Internet!!!!

Let me start with!!!

We all are using the Internet in our daily life. But you know what?  Almost 85% of people are there who don’t even know about the Internet!!! what it actually means?

So, let me know you!!

What is the Internet?

Internet is a worldwide network of computers with more than millions of users that are connected to the network for the exchange of information, data, news, chatting, and E-commerce.

When you share something, online purchase and sell products, playing games, reading storybooks and novels, video calling, chatting with your family, friends, and others via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Your information in which includes your important data and files, images, messages reaches from Source (which is you) to Destination (with whom you are sharing information and chatting) in just a few seconds. By using the Internet any kind of data and information can be shared from one computer to another computer.

The Internet is the largest network of technology like computers, laptops, and smartphones through which we all are connected with the entire world, and this network is simply known as the Internet. Internet which is works by using several Optical Fibre cables. Fiber cables are fired through the underground and sea. Tons of small to big data, files, and information are transmitting through this Optical Fibre Cables.

Computers are directly interconnected with each other to the Internet are known as “Servers”, while the computers we mean You and I are using are known as “Clients”. Or you can say, the large number of computers which can stores a lot of information are known as “Servers” and to retrieve the information from the servers are known as “Clients”.

The Internet is the world’s largest network. Or you can say the Internet is a global computer network, which provides us any kind of information and it also provides communication facilities. So, we all can connect. and communicates with each other through the Internet.

The Internet is actually a way to connects you with the entire world. You don’t need to go outside to buy any items, you need not go anywhere to talk with your friends and others to get information. You only need is an Internet connection to entertain all the benefits.

Who Invented the Internet? And when?

Tim Berners Lee” invented the world’s largest network “Internet” in 1990s.

“Internet” the World’s largest network was invented by “Tim Berners Lee” in 1989s and later it developing in the 1990s. And both were the first Web Browser and first Web Server which is known for WWW (World Wide Web).

The Internet was the project work for the many Scientists, Programmers, Developers, and Engineers who worked on this project for developed technology and a new feature and later there all small project is eventually merged to create a World wide web and a World’s Global Network.

The Internet was invented by ARPA stands for “Advanced Research Project Agency” in America. It was invented after the Second World War for the US Defence Industry and communication from the US Army.

The name of the first established network of computer was known for “ARPAnet”

In the present scenario of IT “Information Technology”, the Internet has become so popular mode of sharing information and for communication. The Internet has grown into a global network for serving Universities, Colleges, Academic Researchers, Commercial interests, and Government Agencies.

Best things we can do with the help of the Internet.

Trust me. These things would be the best use of the Internet. Especially during this lockdown and then you will have the best knowledge and information about so many interesting and wonderful things. You can build and create your own ideas. Interesting… Isn’t it!!!!

• Read Novels and Story Books

If you are fond of reading then it’s interesting!! You can get various study stuff on the Internet. Do you love to get Novels and Story Books like me? It’s interesting! Because I’m having a habit of reading anything random about this World, Novels, Stories, God and Goddess, Travel blogs, Art, and paint.

I mostly used to read Novels, “Your Dreams Are Mine Now” and “Few Things Are Left Unsaid” both were my favorite Novels ever. I believe you might also like Novels. I just love it…..

• Start Making Money Online

You can set up an online business to get the most use of the Internet. I personally suggest you to make your own Websites or start your own blog, became a YouTuber by uploading your videos. You can promote your websites, product, and services and make some more money online.

• Share Your Knowledge

Wants to share your knowledge than just go to the website which is “” and read there are different questions and their unique answers with happiness, laugh, smile, and many other emotions, it will be as fun and you will definitely learn something new.  Everyone can share their own thoughts and opinions there’s. You might use the Internet for improving your skills and gaining knowledge about different sources of information.

• Explore Your New Recipe

If you love to eat different varieties of dishes and some exotic flavor food. If you are also tired of making the same veggies with the same recipe every week. You know the Internet has millions of recipes to explore from classic meals to Royal dishes. You can learn and explore your new recipes and share your recipe by uploading on YouTube and others else.

• Art

Do you love to draw, art, and paint something always new like me?  Do you have an Artistic ability? Interestingly let’s get paint and creates something beautiful and attractive with your own wonderful ideas, creative mind, and efforts. There’s a lot of videos and website are also available on the Internet.

• Entertainment

The Internet provides us a lot of software for gaming, puzzle and there’s a website also for the quiz and download movies and you know its all free of cost. You can watch your favorite movie and listen to music and play video games by using the Internet.

• Online Shopping

You can buy and sell the products and grocery items also with the help of the Internet without going outside.

• Play Online Games

Gaming software has its own websites on the Internet. You can play the game alone or with your friends, multi-player gaming has also become popular. More than millions of people are playing the game online at the same time by using the Internet.

• Google Yourself

Trust me. You will never think about what you are uncovering about yourself. So just google yourself if you have dared to do.

• Became a YouTuber

If someone as Carry Minati, Bhuvan Bam, and Anubhav Singh Bassi can do it so why you can’t?  All you need to do is having a good quality camera with a high-resolution megapixel and a YouTube account. Make your account and starts to share your ideas and thoughts by making videos and share with the entire world. If you attract more Subscribers you might even be able to apply for Ads and you know it will become another source of income.

• Job Opportunity

If you are a Job Seeker than there are a lot of opportunities that are given by various companies as they are continuously updating their pages on a regular basis.


Hence, the Internet is an amazing resource, it can pretty much tell you about anything. I personally do a lot of research when I have spare time for my works and my personal interest too. The best advice I can personally give in this article is to try to make your own frequent notes. You know when I’m on my work sometimes I come across some Novels, Stories, and Articles that all I would want to read.

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