Easy ways to Fix High Ping in PUBG MOBILE

How to Fix High Ping

What is ping?

Ping (latency is the technically more correct term) means the time it takes for a small data set to be transmitted from your device to a server on the Internet and back to your device again. The ping time is measured in milliseconds (ms). Well, the great PING time ought to be not exactly or equivalent to 30 or PINGs commonly under 60 is viewed as best for PUBG or any internet gaming. But more than that, it’s really hard for online gaming.

Fix High Ping in PUBG

You might have also faced many times that when you just about to kill any player then immediately your man lands back to the location where he was 3 seconds before. You see in the bottom left corner this game and you see the 900ms ping. This is really frustrating.

Nowadays every Pubg mobile player is complaining about high ping. However high ping makes the game slow which results in quitting the game. Instead of that case, users should perform a gaming ping test. For that, you can use pingtest.net

You should choose a good quality internet connection whether it is a mobile data connection or a broadband/optical fiber (Wi-Fi connection). Choose a better service provider for good quality internet and use it for the internet. We recommend using broadband/optical fiber (Wi-Fi connection).

It’s very easy to understand the ping issue in PUBG MOBILE if the ping is red the game will lag and you will not able to play. If it’s yellow then your game will delay or may have some frame fluctuations. And if it’s green then the game will run smoothly.

By following some points, you will be able to fix the high ping problem in PUBG MOBILE.

TRICK 1. Turn off Background data usage

How to turn off Background data

Go to settings > Connections > Data usage > Mobile Data Usage > Turn off background data usage for the app you want.

TRICK 2. Turn off auto sync

Auto-sync is always running in your device background and uses full internet to backup your data which can affect your ping. So, turning off auto-sync can give you lower ping in Pubg Mobile.

How to turn off auto sync

  • 1.Go to settings
  • 2. Go to Accounts >Auto sync data>Turn it off

TRICK 3. Developers options settings

  1. Turn ON the developer’s options of your device
  2. Under Developers option > Apps > Don’t keep activities > Turn it On
  3. Under Developers option > Apps >Background process limit > At most 1 process

TRICK 4. YOU CAN TRY MOBILE GAME PING tools that are available at the play store.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Mobile Gaming Ping
  3. Ping lower lag for the game – reduce ping lag
  4. Ping tool: ICMP – TCP ping
  5. PingTools Network Utilities

TRICK 5. REPAIR your PUBG MOBILE once in a week

How to Repair?
  • Log out from your Pubg mobile id
  • Click on the repair option available on the corner.
  • Choose the options according to your preference.
NOTE: You can always repair PUBG and re-install it for a better experience.

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