PUBG MOBILE: Top 5 Mistakes that every Pubg Player should avoid.


Pubg Mobile has become intensively popular among teenagers as well as some grown once. Every Pubg player wants to become professional players like many steamers & YouTubers. These guys are unable to achieve this because of some mistakes they are continuously doing in-game.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that every player should pay attention to improve their overall success score.

1. Always be attentive to sound:

I t is very important to use decent wired earphones for the best results. Everyone knows that sound is incredibly important in games but there are many who aren’t paying attention or playing with low volume. There are some bugs related to footsteps and sometimes you simply don’t hear them but often paying a little bit more attention will be enough to master your skill.

Note: Every single sound detail at close range combat is crucial.

2. Always be in cover:

Having cover is critical in Pubg as it allows you to avoid damage, heal up, and peek to engage your enemies. Fighting without cover is the most common deadly mistake that many Pubg players make.

If you don’t have cover then you need to move around and if you need to sort out something in your inventory do that with a cover or while moving around to avoid being knocked by your enemy.

3. Don’t overexpose yourself:

Overexposing yourself or body peeking can be very dangerous and is completely unnecessary. Instead of showing your entire body to enemies, you should just lean out to avoid being an easy target for your enemy.

4. Never stick to one location when spotted:

When you are spotted in combat your enemy will know your exact position due to which your enemy can easily knock you. So, it is very important to change your position if you’ve been spotted because if you don’t, you’ll just be a very easy predictable target.

5. Practice before you play:

It is highly recommended to free your hands before playing classic or customs. Playing TDM improves close combat better. The player should properly utilize training ground. Sensitivity also plays a very important role in the game. Sensitivity is different for every player. The player should customize their own sensitivity according to the gameplay. Sensitivity plays is a vital part in games like a battleground. It’s important to bring the best sensitivity to your gameplay. one that you are most comfortable with.


A few more professional tips to make your game strong :

  1. Don’t get panicked. This is a very common mistake that everybody does.
  2. Have proper coordination with your teammates. If you didn’t turn on your mic till then. Then you sure wanna turn on it now!!!!
  3. Initiate PREFIRE, it works miraculously!!!
  4. Use grenades. Cook them properly before throwing
  5. Sometimes camping is not a wise tactic. like for when your center zone or when you are in an open place with hills nearby. Anyone with enough distance or height can snipe you out easily.
  6. Don’t waste time killing the enemy completely once you knock him down. Kill him completely only when you feel you are covered otherwise you may find it difficult to switch targets at that close range once the enemies move in
  7. Avoid looting your kill or others crates until and unless the whole squad gets wiped out.
  8. Heal only when needed, you don’t wanna get killed during the healing
  9. Try to Flank if possible.
  10. Try to bait someone so that the remaining teammates can get clear shot on the enemy In case he fires
  11. If you are alone and an entire squad is on you, then I recommend using smokes. It makes the enemy difficult to spot you and they lose their advantage.
  12. Use the different hidden spots or advantage each house offers!!!
  13. Keep your magazine fully loaded. Sometimes even a single bullet may change your luck.
  14. If you want to master close-range combat, I suggest you to try dropping off in hotspots for a week or two. You may fail for the starting few times but eventually, you will get better!!
  15. And lastly one of the most important things is important to know when to be aggressive and when to fall back. You can’t just rush every time expecting for kills
  16. We recommend you to use good quality earphones that will help you in getting crystal clear sounds of enemy footsteps & make your gaming experience much greater  

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