Now you can customize your own UAZ Skin in PUBG MOBILE

(Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

In this article, you will learn to customize your own UAZ and upgrade various parts of UAZ. Players can even choose their own color as per requirement.

Earlier, PUBG MOBILE made a section for modifying the vehicle in the Crates section and launched the Phantom motorcycle. After the success of the Phantom motorcycle, PUBG MOBILE launched its first customizable four-wheeler named Aegis UAZ.

Now various questions will be arising in the mind of PUBG lovers like how to get Aegis UAZ customizable skin, level requirements, and much more. So, here I tried to cover every aspect that is related to Aegis UAZ Pubg Mobile.

Aegis UAZ Specifications (Level 1): –

Max Power93
Initial Efficiency85

Step 1: – How to get Aegis UAZ Pubg Mobile?

  • Open the crate section.
  • Jump to Modify Vehicle.
  • Select Aegis UAZ.

Step 2: – How to redeem UAZ?

  • To redeem crates, UC (unknown cash) is required.
  • Each crate costs 60 UC.
  • As crates are opened, the higher the Luck is, the higher the chance of getting a modifiable vehicle. Luck is capped at 100.
  • Base odd is: –

Legendary Item 6.27% (Approx.)

Epic Item 18.63% (Approx.)

Rare Item 75.1% (Approx.)

Step 3: – How to upgrade

  • After getting the Aegis UAZ. It requires: –
  • Materials for upgrading vehicles
  • Premium Modification Material
  • Modification Material
  • Paints
  • Aegis UAZ is upgradable to level 8(Max)


Every Level of Up-gradable UAZ in Pubg Mobile:

Level 1: – Vehicle color can be changed

Every Pubg Mobile player wants to own a vehicle with his own custom color requirements. So, from now onwards every user will be able to change their vehicle color as per there requirements using this latest feature Currently PUBG Mobile is only offering 6 colors namely White, black, purple, green, red, orange. However, in the future, we may also see more color variants. Have a sneak peek to all the colors that Pubg Mobile has to offer its audience.

Green color Aegis (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Black color Aegis (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Orange color Aegis (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Purple color Aegis (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Red color Aegis (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

Level 2: – Seat color can be changed:

Seat color can also be customized as per player’s requirements like Vehicle color. It offers four colors i.e. Dark Blue, Green, Orange.

Orange-seat UAZ
Orange Color Seat (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Green-seat UAZ
Green Color seat (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Blue-seat UAZ
Dark Blue Color Seat (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

Level 3: – Can be upgraded to advance appearance.

Level 4: – Front bumper and style can be changed:

It also gives options to change front bumpers styles.

front-bumper Style 1 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
front-bumper Style 2 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
front-bumper Style 3 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

Level 5: – Rear bumper and style can be changed

Rear Bumpers of this vehicle is also have many styles as you can see in the images below.

Rear bumper Style 1 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Rear bumper Style 2 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Rear bumper Style 3 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

Level 6: – Vehicles tires can be changed

Pubg Mobile also provide its user the option to change the tire rims which is something out of box.

Tire style 1 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Tire style 2 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Tire style 3 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Tire style 4 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

Level 7:- Change the style of the vehicle roof

Currently Pubg Mobile is giving four roof styles that are shown.

Roof style 1 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Roof style 2 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Roof style 3 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)
Roof style 4 (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

Level 8: – Can be upgraded to ultimate appearance

This is the max level a UAZ skin.

Max level of UAZ in Pubg Mobile
Max level (Image Credit: Pubg Mobile)

Step 4: – Requirements to upgrade vehicle

  • Level 2: – Two (2) Materials and 10 paints
  • Level 3: – Four (4) Materials and 20 paints
  • Level 4: – Eight (8) Materials and 30 paints
  • Level 5: – Twelve (12) Materials and 50 paints
  • Level 6: – Sixteen (16) Materials and 70 paints
  • Level 7: – Twenty (20) Materials and 100 paints
  • Level 8: -Twenty-Four (24) Materials and 150 paints

Note: All the above mentions materials and paints can be only redeemed via opening crates.

My suggestions: Try to open more and more creates. So, that you could get the vehicle of your own choice.

I hope you all like the post. Also, let me your suggestions in comment section for further improvements.

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