Top 5 Coronavirus Gadgets Across World

As we all know coronavirus is spreading intensely in India as well as around the World. Also, every country are doing there best to fight such a disastrous virus. At such a crucial time, various gadgets have been discovered to fight against such a deadly virus more effectively. 1. Borosil Suraksha UV Disinfect Unit: It…


PMWL EAST-League Play 2020

There are total 20 teams. All the team are categorized in groups A,B,C,D,E. Weekdays : Total 10 Matches (Tuesday and Wednesday) Each team will play 8 games, this weekday’s matches will decide the teams to be played Super Weekend. The top 16 will play Super Weekends. Super Weekends : Total 15 Matches (Friday, Saturday and…

How to get Overachiever title in PUBG MOBILE?
Tips & Tricks

How to get Overachiever title in PUBG MOBILE?

At this point where PUBG mobile has gained the most popular across the world, there are many players who want to achieve some great titles such as overachiever, collector & many more. So here is a guide for the Overachiever title. To take the title of Overachiever, soldiers will have to complete 2800 achievement points…